Individual Prepaid Dental Plan

This is not an insurance policy. This plan is not under the jurisdiction of the insurance laws of the State of Georgia.

DentiCare provides you an individual dental plan with quality benefits and attractive prepayment fees. To receive the benefits of the DentiCare SelectSM Plan you will need to select a Plan Dentist for you and your family members from the list of Plan Dentists.

Features of the DentiCare Select Plan:

  • No deductibles
  • No claim forms
  • No annual dollar maximum for plan dentists and specialists
  • Fixed Copayment Schedule
  • Discounts on Orthodontic procedures for children and adults
  • No referral required for Specialist benefits
  • Benefits for pre-existing dental conditions

 Prepayment options

Economical Annual Prepayment Fee
Individual $127.20
Individual & One Dependent $211.56
Family $328.44


Automatic Monthly Bank Draft
Individual $11.60
Individual & One Dependent $18.63
Family $28.37



Plan Brochure and Provider Directory

View and/or download the Assurant Individual Dental Plan brochure .

Use the Find a Dentist feature here to locate a dentist in your area, or search for a specific dentist.