About Us

Our Mission

To provide timely, accurate Medicare related information to anyone who asks for help. Our expertise and information is completely free to you. In Georgia, Tennesee and a few other states we can also help you select and change insurance plans. We at Southern Senior Care will always find for you the best Healthcare coverage at the lowest costs from only the industry’s top-rated companies. Our clients deserve the utmost in customer service and care.

We monitor the insurance industry and Medicare daily so you have the latest data. As changes occur, we post this information in the Medicare News/Blog section of this website. If you would like to receive Email notifications when we post new Medicare news, simply enter your email address on our Subscription page. You select which additional topics you care about (Prescription, Nutrition, etc.) after you subscribe.

Our Georgia Insurance Licenses

Southern Senior Care and all of our employees are licensed Health and Life Insurance Agents in the State of Georgia. We also hold non-residence licenses in other states. Click here to view our Southern Senior Care License.

Our Church Ministry

For those of you located in Georgia, we have developed a series of informative presentations designed to take the mystery out of Medicare. These are not sales presentations, they are designed to enable your Sunday School or Church group to make informed decisions regarding their Medicare healthcare coverage, and to reduce their expenses as much as possible.

If you would like more information on our Church programs, or would like to schedule a presentation for your group, please contact us at your convenience.

Our Family


Doug specializes in Medicare Supplements, Advantage and Part D Prescription Plans. His hands are on the pulse of the insurance industry daily, doing the research that ensures that our clients have the latest data and the finest programs available.




Mandy has more than 20 years of experience in the Senior Care market. She is a benefits advisor for the Georgia Retired Educators Association. She specializes in Comprehensive Long Term Care Programs and Easy Issue Cancer and Life Coverage.




Tom has been helping Seniors in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina for over 20 years. Tom is an expert in every area of Medicare including Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans, Long Term Care and Part D Prescription Plans.




Tom is our “founding father.” He also is a benefits adviser for the Georgia Retired Educations Association and began his career helping Seniors back in 1971. He is an expert in every area of Medicare and Medigap insurance and is an excellent financial planner with a vast knowledge of tax-deferred annuity plans.