Long Term Care Insurance


Long Term Care is care that you receive in a Nursing Home Facility, in an Assisted Living Facility, in an Adult Day Care Facility, or Home Health Care. This care is typically associated with recuperative or recovery care due to illness or disability or help with daily living activities. It can be simply custodial in nature and increase all the way to full blown, 24 hour medical care. Long Term Care insurance is very flexible which enables you to customize your plan to cover what you want and for any length of time you desire.

How much does Long Term Care Cost?

Long Term Care is the single, most devastating threat to our Seniors’ financial well being today.  Medicare and Medicare Supplement policies were never designed to pick up Long Term Care, which leaves the brunt of the cost falling squarely on the patient.  As of 2002, the average annual cost for Nursing Home Care was $56,000, while Assisted Living Facilities ran $32,000 per year, and Home Health care costs were $23,000.  With an average Nursing Home stay of 3 years, your total cost could easily run over $170,000.

How much does Long Term Care Insurance Cost?

The cost of Long Term Care Insurance is a small fraction of the cost of the care itself.  Investing in a good Comprehensive LTC Plan transfers the catastrophic financial risk to the insurance company and off of you.  Comprehensive programs are customized to your individual needs.  Premiums will vary greatly depending on your age, health, spousal discounts, daily benefit amount selected, and how many years you want benefits paid should you need Long Term Care.  The key to keeping premiums as low as possible is getting a plan when you are still young and healthy (in your late 40’s through your 60’s is best).  Even if you are in your 70’s, the cost of LTC insurance is by far less than paying for the cost of Long Term Care out of your own pocket.  Southern Senior Care can provide you with an accurate Long Term Care insurance quote within a few hours.  Simply call us or fill out our quote form.

Long Term Care Planning Kit

Long Term Care Insurance is one of the more complex types of insurance. There are many variables and terms that can be confusing. Working with the Centers for Medicare Services, the State of Georgia has developed a Long Term Care kit called “Own Your Future,” which contains an information booklet, worksheets, and a very informative CD.

Southern Senior Care is happy to provide this planning kit to you Free of Charge. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact us form and let us know what information you would like.