What is Co-Insurance?

by Doug Benson on April 10, 2011. Updated December 8, 2012

in Glossary

Co-Insurance is the “splitting up” of the cost of Medical Coverage. The insurance company (or plan) pays some of the cost,  the insured (you) pay some and sometimes a third party will pay as well. The part that you pay can be via a deductible and/or co-pays.

Medicare is a Co-insurance plan. For example, if you visit a doctor and have only Medicare (with no supplement or advantage plan) Medicare pays 80% of the cost and you pay 20%.

If you do have a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan, when you visit a doctor, three different parties may pay. Medicare would pay 80%, your insurance company would pay the other 20%, and you may have to pay your insurance company a co-pay of $20 or so to offset their 20%.

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